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Cultural Commentary

Venture below for the best in show.

This is an immersive interactive gallery we designed to honor some of the great public ad campaigns that made riding the MTA subway system entertaining, informative and oftentimes, profound.

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If pizza rat ruled the world.

Some of the greatest advertising campaigns in history are only experienced below ground in the NYC Subway System. To honor some of these great, below sea level campaigns, we created a digital gallery that puts a spotlight on some of our favorites. It’s also a great place to showcase the genius of our peers, from whom we’ve learned so much. So hop on board and take a look around, but please stand clear of the closing doors.


  • Immersive Interactive Gallery
  • Community Awareness
  • Concept Design

Recently launched & impacting now. Stay tuned…


Identity Toolkit + Digital Expression

Metrics and analytics, meet design and unity.

Tracx is a social media management platform that needed a variety of things to get their business moving in the right direction. The result: A mobile-responsive website, a cohesive brand style guide and a set of sales and marketing materials to showcase their progressive platform to prospective B2B customers.

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They built the platform. We got it into the right hands.

Built to seamlessly integrate with a HubSpot lead-capture system/CRM, Tracx’s corporate website quickly became its strongest standalone sales tool. Additionally, we created a brand style guide, print materials and on-brand photography to empower Tracx team members to create their own assets and marketing materials on the go.


  • Identity Guidelines
  • Website Design
  • Collateral Design
  • Lead Generation

30+% boost in traffic from targeted B2B prospects


Brand Development + Design

done right.

Girls + Boys is an iconic party that goes down on Friday nights at Webster Hall. Our task: Making it easy for party promoters to get the word out about this mainstay of NYC culture in branded ways. The result: Well, take a look.

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Empower the Promoter

A brand is much more than a logo. The memorable, hand-drawn logo hit the scene along with a full brand style guide so that Webster Hall’s promotional partners could create their own ads, flyers and posters without limitation or delay. Our approach allowed for creative flexibility while maintaining that everything looked “on brand” and at top quality.


  • Identity Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Brand Style Guide

94% Increase in Event Ticket Sales year over year


Interactive + Experiential Marketing

Taking tacos on the road.

We Americans love our tacos. To show people how easy it is to make mouthwatering fish tacos at home using Sea Cuisine, we embarked upon a cross-country taco tour, introducing thousands to the tasty and sophisticated art of Fish Taco making.

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Share tacos. Gain fans.

This was a tasty project to be involved with. Starting from zero, our challenge was to develop and implement a strategy that would launch an Instagram account, grow an email list and deliver trackable coupons for product. Giving people free tacos made it easy. In exchange, people posted and shared thousands of branded photographs via a custom on-site social media kiosk we created and in the process, reinvigorating the Sea Cuisine brand.


  • Event Design
  • Interactive Design
  • Social Engagement

21+ million new users interacted with the brand


B2B Lead Generation + Modernization

A cool new look for cold transport

Operating the largest temperature-controlled transportation service in North America, Railex sought to upgrade their look and client acquisition process to better reflect their evolving business needs.

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Cold never looked so hot

When Railex invested heavily in new infrastructure, they needed a full brand reset to modernize their B2B sales approach. This included a proper brand guide, a mobile-optimized lead generation oriented website, trade show support, printed materials and so much more.


  • Identity Guidelines
  • Website Creation
  • Collateral Design
  • Trade Show Support

Hundreds of qualified leads and five web & usability awards

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